Whether you are just starting out or are looking to perfect your skills, our music program truly offers something for everyone.  Through music courses, participation in ensembles, private lessons, and just making music for fun, you will grow musically and increase your abilities while meeting other students who have a passion for performing.

Our ensembles meet during a dedicated Performing Arts (PA) block during the academic day so that all students can participate without conflict.


GRADE 9, 10, 11, 12

The Academy Orchestra

Open to all students who have intermediate abilities on orchestral instruments or piano.  This ensemble performs both classical and contemporary repertoire at our major school concerts throughout the year.


GRADE 9, 10, 11, 12

The Jazz Band

Performing a blend of traditional and contemporary jazz repertoire, the Jazz Band is open to all students who have intermediate abilities on wind or brass instruments, guitar, bass, drums, or piano.


GRADE 9, 10, 11, 12

The Academy Singers

An ensemble of approximately 50 students open to anyone who wants to sing in a large group.  We specialize in Jazz, Broadway, and American standards, and we often perform along with guest student instrumentalists.


GRADE 10, 11, 12

The First

Open by audition, our select chorus of 24 students performs more difficult European and American choral music, both in English and in foreign languages, along with complex arrangements of contemporary songs.


Introduction to Fine Arts: Music

Students have the chance to listen to and analyze rock, jazz, and classical music, and rehearse a variety of styles to play in this interactive and enjoyable course.


GRADE 10, 11, 12

Music Theory

Covering the basics and intermediate concepts of music, this class is designed for students who want to learn more about chords, harmony, songwriting, scales, and musical terminology.  Musicians of all levels are welcome.


GRADE 10, 11, 12

AP Music Theory

Best suited for students who wish to continue musical study in college, this Advanced Placement course covers intermediate to advanced musical topics.  [Prerequisite: Music Theory or equivalent background in music]


GRADE 10, 11, 12

American Music History

Americans have listening to music since the first settlers arrived, and this class explores the various types of music that were considered "popular" throughout the years.  A great course to better understand the evolution of today's music.


GRADE 10, 11, 12

Electronic Music and Recording

Students interested in contemporary electronic music or in the process of digital recording are invited to take this course, which covers the history of electronic music as well as modern interpretations of the genre; the primary focus, though, is learning to use and experiment with Logic, ProTools, studio microphones, and MIDI keyboards.  All experience levels are welcome.


GRADE 9, 10, 11, 12

Music Lessons - Credit option

Vocalists and instrumentalists have the option to take private music lessons with a local music teacher who comes to the Academy to work with you one-on-one.  An additional fee applies.  Please contact Jeff Miller, Lesson Coordinator, for more information.


GRADE 10, 11, 12

Independent Study in Music

Students who wish to pursue a specialized field, such as advanced theory, conducting, or recording are invited to work with a music faculty member to design an indepedent study course.


Winter Musical Pit Orchestra

During the cold and dark winter months, what better antidote than putting on a full-scale musical?  Playing in the Pit Orchestra for the musical!  Interested students must interview with the Instrumental Director before the start of the winter season.

Private Music Lessons (no credit)

Private dance lessons can be arranged (additional fee applies) for those students wishing to study at a more advanced level.  Contact Pam Smith, Director of Dance, for information.


A Cappella

Our student-directed A Cappella ensemble meets weekly after dinner and is open to all students.  Singers and beatboxers are welcome to audition at the beginning of each school year.


The Guild

The Guild is our Student Variety Show, held three times over the course of the year.  Singers, rock bands, dancers, poets, and comedians are welcome to sign up to participate.


The Passage

"Embrace your inner hipster."  In these dimly-lit coffeehouses, students can play acoustic music, read poetry, play board games, or watch art films all while sipping Green Mountain Coffee and hot chocolate.


Solo Performances at Concerts

Members of our performing ensembles are invited to audition for a performance slot during one of our major school concerts, interspersed among the large ensemble performances.


Chapel Musicians

As the school community gathers for a reflective talk in the chapel each Wednesday, various musicians play during the gathering and again as everyone departs.


The Morning Meeting Band

Our Friday morning meetings feature a student rock band playing as everyone gathers and again as we head off to our first class.

"I got to arrange and conduct a piece for the select chorus and it was amazing. What an awesome opportunity."


"I had the chance to create 'The Passage' and the music faculty members pledged 100% support."


"Our schedule builds in time for musical ensembles and I don't have to choose between Soccer and Jazz Band."


"I've been playing the violin since I was 5 and I can still take lessons at Gov's which is great.  It's really enjoyable."